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Retrieving & Managing Shot Records

"Stay Up-to-Date and Organized: Manage Your Child's Shot Records with Ease"

  • Starts Jul 2
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Curriculum: Managing Your Child's Immunization Records Workshop Overview: This workshop is designed for parents seeking to learn how to retrieve, manage, and update their child's immunization records, including the process of transferring records to the Florida Form DH 680 at Back-to-School health clinics. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to ensure their child's immunization records are accurate, organized, and up-to-date. Session 1: Understanding Immunization Records Introduction to immunization records: What they are and why they're important. Overview of the CDC's recommended immunization schedule. Explanation of the Florida Form DH 680 and its significance for school entry. Session 2: Retrieving Immunization Records Tips for accessing your child's immunization records from healthcare providers, schools, and public health departments. Online resources and tools for retrieving immunization records electronically. Legal rights and procedures for obtaining copies of immunization records. Session 3: Managing Immunization Records Strategies for organizing and storing immunization records securely. Importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date records for school entry, travel, and healthcare purposes. Tools and apps for digital record keeping and reminders. Session 4: Updating and Transferring Immunization Records Understanding the process of updating immunization records with new vaccinations. Guidance on transferring immunization records to the Florida Form DH 680 for school entry. Overview of Back-to-School health clinics and their role in updating and transferring records. Hands-On Practice: Participants will have the opportunity to practice retrieving, organizing, and updating their child's immunization records using sample records and online tools. Q&A and Resources: Open discussion and Q&A session to address participants' questions and concerns. Distribution of informational resources, including websites, contact information for local health departments, and step-by-step guides for managing immunization records.

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    1315 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL, USA


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