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Become an Academy Ambassador

"Spread Hope, Join PLA as an Ambassador."

  1. Promote Awareness: Share information about PLA's programs, events, and initiatives within your network and community.

  2. Volunteer Your Time: Offer your expertise and skills to support PLA's workshops, events, or fundraising efforts.

  3. Organize Fundraisers: Host fundraising events or campaigns to raise funds and awareness for PLA's mission and programs.

  4. Serve as a Guest Speaker: Share your knowledge and expertise with PLA participants by serving as a guest speaker or workshop facilitator.

  5. Provide In-Kind Donations: Donate goods, services, or resources that can support PLA's programs and initiatives.

  6. Advocate for Support: Advocate for support from other individuals, businesses, or organizations that align with PLA's mission and values.

Speaking at Conference

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